Its been a long journey on this road. I've come to many a CrossRoad and not known which way to turn; but I continue to follow my heart. There are many shadows in this world full of dark and light. All I am trying to do is stay in the light, while seeking Love, Truth, and Light. The world is not black and white. I know that now. Some people try to tell you that it is, but it's not. There are so many shades of beautiful colors to the Rainbow that everyone is trying to find. the gold at the end of the rainbow is attainable. you just have to figure out what the gold is for you. there are rainbows all over the place, not just after the rain. You just have to open your eyes to the dream that is Reality. I say I am dreaming the reality, because my life actually feels like a dream. I have been given so much to share with the world, keeping it hidden would be selfish. I will not hide my light under a bushel. nope. I'm gonna let it Shine. I have acted, sang, written songs, books, poetry, art, danced; i am even pursuing stand up comedy at this point. I am trying not to take my life and gifts for granted. I am content sitting in my office at my job. I am content sitting at home with my family. I am content driving around town. And I am content being on stage; in front of the camera or in the studio. But I don't need to be in the spot light to feel alive anymore. The world is my stage. Life is my movie. I am the director of my own reality show that is my life. i am constantly improving my life and trying to spread joy, humor, and positivity. Just a few thoughts on this beautiful day...Love, RTBIV

I've been taking myself and my career so seriously for so long. I have had an epiphany, I just need to be myself. Im not Jonny Lang, Im not Dave Barnes and I will never have the success that they have had, trying to emulate them...I am Taylor, and Im actually pretty goofy, so I am going to start pursuing that side of myself and my music will come for the ride along with it. The boys at Sonic Matrimony tried to explain it to me a few years ago and I didn't want to listen. I wanted to be taken seriously for my talent, songwriting and vocal talents. I forgot who I truly was at the heart of it all. I am a fun loving, goofy guy who is kinda overweight and is from the midwest. Instead of trying to be a sex icon and pop star, I am going to embrace myself for who and what I am. All my recordings were done in total seriousness, but in listening to some of these songs this morning, i realize they are way better, when you dont take them seriously. Music Videos to come for all of these tunes. I appreciate everyones support on this amazing ride it has been so far, every facebook like and friend means the world to me. It was almost like I would post a song and just hope for a few likes. I am done with that. I dont care what anyone thinks anymore. I am married and I have a baby on the way and I am going to use my talent to support them and that means being my true self. whatever I have to do to pay the bills, whether its making an idiot of myself on stage for 10 or 1,0000 people. I will do it, and I will have fun doing it. Im not getting enough from my audiences, the clapping and stand ovations arent enough. I want to take them on an emotional ride, make them laugh, cry and take them on a journey. change there life with the little time they get to spend with me, even if its a few seconds or a whole show...I know I dont usually get deep on facebook, but I felt like this was the right time to do it. Most of my posts are usually just about my music or family. It's all about my family now...Ok Dad, my sermon is done. love you all. listen to it if you want, but dont take it seriously. I give you permission to laugh at me...Taylor Baggott (my name is actually funny in itself)