Taylor Robert Bio

Born Robert Taylor Baggott IV to a long line of preachers, he was destined to follow the path of ministry. Early on, Robert joined the Minnesota Boy Choir in the 6th grade which began his love and intrigue for music. 
Throughout middle and high school, Taylor Robert was always singing. He spent most of his weekends singing in the church choir and playing in the church band. He pursued every musical opportunity he could. He joined the school musicals, started a high school band, played in orchestra and sang in an a cappella group that he formed. 
"When I was about 16, my mom took me to see Lonnie Knight and Big Shoes at a bar in St. Paul. This was my first exposure to Blues music. Lonnie told me to get a BB King record, so I did." Thus began Robert's entrance into something outside the music school and church were offering. 
He became obsessed with blues, soul and rock. He cites Elvis to be his idol. 
Attending St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN he naturally joined the world renowned choir and joined a professionally touring a cappella group. Around this time he discovered that playing Dave Matthews and Jack Johnson on the guitar impressed girls a lot more than singing Pavarotti. He began to write acoustic music and perform out around the tiny farm town of Northfield, Minnesota (home of Malt-O-Meal).
Robert has toured the country with various bands as well as a solo Artist, played out at notable venues in the Twin Cites, released a multitude of albums and EPs, working with MN Legends like Michael Bland (Prince, Soul Asylum) and Ryan Liestman (Jonas Bros) in production and songwriting. Later on in his career, with a wife and family to support, he has since decided to take matters in to his own hands, and has since been writing and recording music on his own playing most of the instruments and session musicians lending a helping hand along the way.
His new album Man on a Mission, to be released in Spring of 2023 is a culminiation of years of writing. At the heart of this album is how Taylor relates to the world through music with love at the center of it all.


Roll N Soul